Second Workshop on Ultrafast Dynamics in Strongly Correlated Systems

OSGA/EG06 (PSI Education Centre) (Paul Scherrer Institut)

OSGA/EG06 (PSI Education Centre)

Paul Scherrer Institut

Philipp Werner (Universite de Fribourg), Urs Staub (Paul Scherrer Institut)
    • 8:00 AM
      Registration & Welcome Coffee
    • 1
      Workshop Opening
      Speaker: Urs Staub (Paul Scherrer Institut)
    • Session 1 Strong field effects
      Convener: Alexander Kemper (North Carolina State University)
      • 2
        Time-Domain Quantum Physics of Electrons
        Speaker: Alfred Leitenstorfer (University of Konstanz)
      • 3
        Ultrafast Structure Switching through Nonlinear Phononics
        Speaker: Dominik Juraschek (ETH Zurich)
      • 4
        Time-resolved XUV photoemission: a new clue for understanding the ultrafast dynamics in copper oxides
        Speaker: Federico Cilento (Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste)
    • 10:20 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 2 Strongly correlated electrons
      Convener: Philipp Werner (University of Fribourg)
      • 5
        Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
        Speaker: Masatoshi Imada (University of Tokyo)
      • 6
        Ultrafast evolution of the model Mott-Hubbard compound V2O3
        Speaker: Gabriel Lantz (ETH Zurich)
      • 7
        Hund's exchange out of equilibrium
        Speaker: Hugo Strand (University of Fribourg)
    • 12:20 PM
      Lunch break (@ PSI restaurant Oase)
    • Session 3 XFEL Science
      Convener: Alfred Leitenstorfer (University of Konstanz)
      • 8
        Correlation enhanced electron-phonon interaction in FeSe – Combined results from tr-XRD and tr-ARPES
        Speaker: Zhi-Xun Shen (Stanford University)
      • 9
        SwissFEL: New FEL Source for Hard and Soft X-rays
        Speaker: Dr Rafael Abela (Paul Scherrer Institut)
      • 10
        Ultrafast demagnetization dynamics in TbMnO3
        Speaker: Dr Elsa Abreu (ETH Zürich)
    • 3:35 PM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 4 Nonequilibrium dynamics/phase transitions
      Convener: Markus Müller
      • 11
        Electric breakdown near first order Mott transitions
        Speaker: Michele Fabrizio (SISSA)
      • 12
        Nonequilibrium electron dynamics: Formation of the quasiparticle peak
        Speaker: Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter Sayyad (Sharareh)
    • Poster Session
    • Session 5 Systems with strong electron-phonon coupling
      Convener: Michele Fabrizio (SISSA)
      • 13
        Understanding complex materials using non-equilibrium spectroscopy: What can theory tell us?
        Speaker: Alexander Kemper (North Carolina State University)
      • 14
        Nonlinear electron-phonon coupling in doped manganites
        Speaker: Vincent Esposito
      • 15
        Nonequilibrium DMFT study of coherent dynamics in strongly coupled phonon-mediated superconductors
        Speaker: Yuta Murakami (University of Fribourg)
    • 10:20 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 6 Magnetization dynamics: spin-lattice phenomena
      Convener: Urs Staub (Paul Scherrer Institut)
      • 16
        THz-driven Ultrafast Spin-Lattice Scattering In Metallic Ferromagnets
        Speaker: Stefano Bonetti (Stockholm University)
      • 17
        Ultrafast phonon-driven quenching of magnetic order
        Speaker: Sebastian Maehrlein (Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society)
      • 18
        The Ultrafast Einstein-de Haas Effect
        Speaker: Christian Dornes (ETH Zurich)
    • 12:20 PM
      Lunch break (@ PSI restaurant Oase)
    • Session 7 Cooperative phenomena
      Convener: Steven Johnson (Paul Scherrer Institut)
      • 19
        Transient correlated electron dynamics with multi degrees of freedom
        Speaker: Sumio Ishihara (Tohoku University)
      • 20
        Disentangling Lattice and Magnetic Dynamics in Antiferromagnetic EuTe
        Speaker: Daniel Schick (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)
      • 21
        Magnetic switching by spin-phonon coupling
        Speaker: Dr Michael Fechner (Materials Theory ETH Zurich)
    • 3:20 PM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 8 Photodoping
      Convener: Stefano Bonetti (Stockholm University)
      • 22
        Itinerant and localized magnetization dynamics in antiferromagnetic Ho
        Speaker: Laurenz Rettig (Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG)
      • 23
        Probing the local charge and spin dynamics in correlated materials via the coupling with high-energy electronic excitations
        Speaker: Claudio Giannetti (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
      • 24
        Dynamics of screening: an EDMFT+GW perspective
        Speaker: Denis Golez (University of Fribourg)
    • 6:00 PM
      Workshop Dinner (@Röstifarm Bözenegg)
    • Session 9 CDW systems and band structure effects
      Convener: Sumio Ishihara (Tohoku University)
      • 25
        A multitude of hidden orders created in nonequilibrium transitions
        Speaker: Dragan Mihailovic (Josef Stefan Institute)
      • 26
        Coupling of electronic excitations to boson modes in complex materials analyzed by femtosecond tr-ARPES
        Speaker: Uwe Bovensiepen (University Duisburg-Essen)
      • 27
        Transient band gap enhancement in the excitonic insulator phase of Ta2NiSe5 upon photoexcitation
        Speaker: Claude Monney (University of Zurich)
    • 10:20 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 10 Magnetization dynamics
      Convener: Martin Eckstein (University of Hamburg)
      • 28
        Manipulating magnetism by ultrafast control of the exchange interaction
        Speaker: Johan Mentink (Radboud University)
      • 29
        Ultrafast energy and momentum resolved dynamics of magnetic correlations in photo-doped Mott insulator Sr2IrO4
        Speaker: Mark Dean (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
      • 30
        Ultrafast electronic, spin and lattice separation in LaCoO3
        Speaker: Manuel Izquierdo (European XFEL)