Jan 9 – 11, 2017
Rigi Kulm
Europe/Zurich timezone
October 12: Adjusted duration and workshop fees

Scientific Program

Scientific programme

The scientific program will be organized with presentation sessions in the mornings to inspire the discussions in the afternoons. Each day will be introduced by a longer lecture to provide the overview. The lecture will be followed by shorter contributions and there will also be a poster session.

There will be given plenty time for informal discussions in small groups. The discussions are related to the problems that occur when data from 4D imaging experiments are analyzed and visualized.
  • Reconstruction techniques for 4D data
  • Multidimensional image processing with special interest on time evolving data
  • Visualization techniques for multidimensional data
  • How can the large scale research facility users benefit from advanced analysis and visualization techniques.
  • more topics will come on the request of the participants.
The aim of the discussions is to identify analysis problems and to find a strategy how to create a multidiciplinary network to traget the solution of these problems in the future. 

Invited speakers

  • Anna Vilanova, Tensor visualization
  • Eduard Gröller, Visualization for NDT applications
  • Rüdiger Westermann,mVisualization of Vector fields
  • Jos Roerdink, Visualisation of multidimensional data
  • Marcus Hanwell, Paraview developer team

Scientific committee

  • Francesco De Carlo
  • Christoph Heinzl
  • Anders Kaestner
  • Lucia Mancini
  • Federica Marone
  • Rajmund Mokso

Local organization committe

  • Anders Kaestner
  • Federica Marone
  • Chiara Carminati
  • Renate Bercher (Secretary)

  • Lectures

  • Discussions

  • Meals and breaks