October 4, 2018
CSCS - Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
Europe/Zurich timezone
hpc-ch forum
Storage and data management is the key point for most IT services and especially in HPC. The amounts of data created and consumed in science increase almost exponentially year-on-year and storage capacity never lasts long enough. As administrators of data centers we face on a daily basis the need of a constant technology life cycle in order to handle upgrades and fulfill new requirements related for example to the implementation of FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable).
In this topic forum we would like to get an overview of the trends in storage technologies (online, offline) and better understand the new requirements related to the management of data.

Key Questions
We invite you to discuss with us the following questions:
  • FAIR principles: How will they impact us?
  • Persistent Identifier: Science, Research or a much wider scope?
  • Old fashion POSIX versus the most popular Object Storage: Both, One or None of them in the next future?
  • Online Storage, Offline/Tape or new upcoming storage technologies? What do we foresee?
  • Cloud, Delocalisation or Centralisation of storage? Is it really important where the real data is?
  • Distributed Storage and Security, are these two compatible?
  • Bandwidth versus Storage Capacity, is it a problem?
CSCS - Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
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