Logging and Monitoring

Room Englersaal (WSL Birmensdorf )

Room Englersaal

WSL Birmensdorf

Zürcherstrasse 111 8903 Birmensdorf
Michele De Lorenzi (CSCS), Thomas Kramer (WSL)


High Performance Computing systems generate a huge amount of logs and metric data during their operations: information about resources utilization, performance, failures, errors and so on is worth to be stored and analyzed.

This kind of data is often unstructured and not easily comprehensible: finding correlations, recognizing meaningful events, discard false positives is a common challenge all HPC centers have to face.

The reward is worth the effort: post mortem investigation, problems and incidents trouble shooting, security threat hunting, early warning and alerting, applications performance analysis, evaluation of resources utilization are all contexts that take advantage of a careful elaboration of logs and metrics data.

A thorough understanding of the underlying infrastructure producing this information is essential to make sense of it especially considering the complex hardware and software stack modern large scale systems comprise.

Key Questions

  1. What are the benefits of collecting logs and metrics data
  2. How to correlate logs from different systems
  3. Centralized collection of logs and metrics: challenges and returns
  4. Are logs and metrics Big Data?
  5. How to tackle the increasing complexity of multi-layered architectures (virtualization, containers, etc.)
  6. Threat Intelligence: Proactively identifying unusual network activities and unauthorized accesses
  • Alex Upton
  • Alexander Kashev
  • Alvise Dorigo
  • Andrei Plamada
  • Arnaud Fortier
  • Aurélien Cavelan
  • Carlo Pignedoli
  • Christoph Witzig
  • Cristian Scurtescu
  • Diego Moreno
  • Dino Conciatore
  • Dirk Lipinski
  • Enrico Favero
  • Filippo Stenico
  • Gianfranco Sciacca
  • Giuseppe Lo Re
  • Gottardo Pestalozzi
  • Gunnar Jansen
  • Hardik Kothari
  • Heinrich Billich
  • Jani Heikkinen
  • Jean-Baptiste Aubort
  • Jean-Claude De Giorgi
  • Luca Capello
  • Luca Cervigni
  • Markus Reinhardt
  • Martin Jacquot
  • Massimo Brero
  • Mattia Belluco
  • Michele De Lorenzi
  • Miguel Gila
  • Nick Holway
  • Nicolas Kowenski
  • Nina Mujkanovic
  • Patrick Zosso
  • Raluca Hodoroaba
  • Riccardo Murri
  • Roberto Fabbretti
  • Silvan Hostettler
  • Steven Armstrong
  • Szymon Gadomski
  • Thomas Kramer
  • Urban Borštnik
  • Victor Holanda Rusu
  • Warren Paulus
  • Wolfgang Zipfel
  • Yann Sagon