June 10, 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

DLS-2 / SLS 2.0 Information Exchange

Participant List

28 participants

Last Name First Name Email Address Phone Number Position
Apollonio Marco marco.apollonio@diamond.ac.uk +447899717228 Accelerator Physicist
Baker Keith keith.baker@diamond.ac.uk 441635254427 Senior Software System Engineer
Boege Michael michael.boege@psi.ch +41563104588 Accelerator Physicist
Cox Matthew matthew.cox@diamond.ac.uk 01235778061 Head of Vacuum Group
Crivelli Davide davide.crivelli@diamond.ac.uk +447482298467 Mechanical Engineer
Dreyer Karsten karsten.dreyer@psi.ch 41563104690 Head of PSI Alignment Group
Dymoke-Bradshaw James james.bradshaw@diamond.ac.uk +447538114638 Mechanical Design Engineer
Fry Luke luke.fry@diamond.ac.uk 447796845740 Mechanical Design Engineer
Ganter Romain romain.ganter@psi.ch 5279 Vacuum Section Leader
Hammond Nigel n.p.hammond@diamond.ac.uk +447980545603 Senior Mechanical Project Engineer
Hodbod Stephen stephen.hodbod@diamond.ac.uk +4401235777578 Senior Finite Element Analyst
Hoffman William william.hoffman@diamond.ac.uk 07368337089 Survey and Alignment Team Leader
Japichino Emanuele emanuele.japichino@psi.ch +41563102759 Design Engineer
Joerg Markus markus.joerg@psi.ch +41563105008 Project Manager Infrastructure and Logistic
Llonch Burgos Marta mllonch@cells.es 34935924414 Survey and Alignment group leader
Martin Ian ian.martin@diamond.ac.uk +447973551637 AP
Meier Edi edi.meier@emp-winterthur.ch +41522228272 CEO
Rehm Guenther guenther.rehm@diamond.ac.uk +441235778075 Head of Diagnostics Group
Schlott Volker volker.schlott@psi.ch +41794168921 SLS 2.0 Acc. Physicist
Schneider Marco marco.schneider@psi.ch +41563104773 Mechatronic Engineer
scott stewart stewart.scott@diamond.ac.uk 01235778173 Head of Engineering
Shahveh Abolfazl abolfazl.shahveh@diamond.ac.uk +447900799828 Magnet Engineer
Sidorov Serguei serguei.sidorov@psi.ch 41563103589 Engineer
streun andreas andreas.streun@psi.ch +41563103688 synchrotron beam dynamics
Tizzano Walter walter.tizzano@diamond.ac.uk 447989144109 Senior Mechanical Project Engineer
Wang Xinyu xinyu.wang@psi.ch 0041563102763 Mechanical engineer
Wickström Johan johan.wickstroem@psi.ch 5645 SLS 2.0 Project / Technical Coordinator
Wurm Maximilian maxlwurm@gmx.de +41784032455 Development Engineer