CHART2/MagDev Results and Roadmap - Technical Review


Hans Rudolf Ott (ETH Zurich), Amalia Ballarino (CERN)

MagDev is the magnet-development activity in the CHART (Swiss Accelerator Research and Technology) network. 

During the CHART1 funding period (2016-2019), MagDev0 designed and built a Nb3Sn CCT magnet called CD1 (testing was started at LBNL and will resume shortly at CERN). 

For the CHART2 period (2020 - mid-2024), MagDev was divided into two phases, mainly for the purposes of improved steering of the LTS program: MagDev1 (2020 - mid-2022) was to short-track key technology development for Nb3Sn CCT HFMs and to provide a roadmap (which may or may not include CCT technology) for the remainder of CHART2 and beyond; MagDev2 (mid-2022 - mid-2024) was to implement the roadmap. 

The HTS program in CHART2 MagDev1/2 plans to build a demonstrator magnet for an HTS superbend magnet for the TOMCAT beamline in SLS2.0, pursue technology-development towards requirements for accelerator-magnet-type HTS HFMs, and to elaborate an accelerator-magnet R&D roadmap beyond CHART2.

The aim of this technical review is to evaluate the work of MagDev1, discuss the findings, and comment the proposed R&D Roadmap. The findings of this technical review will lead into a Steering Committee process to prepare the MagDev2 agreement.

Questions to the review committee:

  • Are the status and plans for the MagDev Laboratory at PSI sufficient to support R&D activities in a sustainable way throughout and beyond CHART2? 

  • Are the presented conclusions on the viability of CCT technology for FCC-hh and other applications well supported?

  • Are the conclusions drawn from conceptual studies on alternative LTS HFM concepts well supported? Is the proposed MagDev2 LTS roadmap a relevant contribution to the international HFM effort? Is the timing realistic?

  • Does the committee support the presented HTS roadmap (scope, timing) for the MagDev2 development period?

  • Is the Material R&D roadmap well designed to support the HFM effort in CHART2/MagDev and beyond?

Committee: Amalia Ballarino (chair, CERN), Hélène Félice (CERN), Paolo Ferracin (LBNL), Mikko Karppinen (CERN)

The review will be held online: