Aug 8 – 12, 2022
Lyceum Alpinum
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Postersession Monday, August 8, 2022  
Surname First Name Postertitle Posternummer
Aksoy Ömer Mert Elementary derivation of the stacking rules of fermionic invertible topological phases in one dimension MO - 5
Amato Lorenzo Growth of correlated clusters in pulse-driven anisotropic spin-1 Ising chains MO - 12
Boraley Xavier Magnetic dynamics of superoxygenated La2CoO4.25 MO - 21
Brioschi Marta All-optical generation and time-resolved polarimetry of magneto-acoustic resonances via Transient Grating Spectroscopy MO - 1
Chatterjee Dipranjan From quantum spin liquid to long range order in the distorted kagome system Y-Kapellasite MO - 10
Chrobak Maciej Fermi level tuning with non-stoichiometric growth conditions of Bi2-xTe3+x crystals MO - 8
Claude Rémi Argon adsorption on Graphite MO - 2
Dalal Kamaldeep Magnetic proximity effects in epitaxial systems MO - 22
D'Anna Nicolo Low-temperature magneto-transport in dilute doping-layers in silicon MO - 20
Ekahana Sandy Adhitia Laser ARPES on Fe3Sn2 MO - 16
Fjellvag Oystein Slagtern Jahn-Teller active Cr(II) and Cu(II) fluoroperovskites MO - 15
Gangapuram Amit Jamadagni QuCoS^2 – Quantum Computing Systems Simulator MO - 17
Hemmatzade Amirreza Enhanced excitations in spin ice with correlated disorder MO - 6
Leroy Ludmila Ferroelectric soft mode in SrTiO3: from bulk to freestanding films MO - 9
Mielke III Charles Intriguing Magnetism of Topological Kagome Magnet TbMn6Sn6 MO - 14
Motti Federico Manipulation of multiferroic properties in spinels by heterostructure design MO - 23
Naumov Andrii Influence of Au nanoparticles on the topological surface states of bismuth chalcogenides MO - 13
Plokhikh Igor Competing magnetic phases in LnSbTe (Ln = Ho and Tb) MO - 3
Pudelko Wojciech Enhanced superconductivity in the novel intercalated series VxTaS2 MO - 7
Tay Daniel Local probe measurements in weyl semimetal systems MO - 19
Vecsei Pascal Lee-Yang Zeros at Quantum Phase Transitions with Quantum Network Algorithms MO - 18
Wilkinson John Decoherence in Muon--Fluoride Coupled Systems MO - 4
Zhao Chenxiao Gapped excitations in carbon-based asymmetric spin-½ ladders MO - 11
Postersession Wednesday, August 10, 2022  
Surname First Name Postertitle Posternummer
Arh Tina Origin of magnetic ordering and dynamical spin correlations in a structurally perfect kagome antiferromagnet Wed - 1
Chen Hui-Yuan Ultrafast spin-orbit dynamics in honeycomb Mott insulator Wed - 11
Clémence Maël Towards super-resolution spectroscopy of rare-earth ions Wed - 8
Fava Sebastian Probing Light-Induced Superconductors with Ultrafast Magnetometry Wed - 3
Frank Gyorgy Weyl-point teleportation Wed - 13
Liu Zhe Controlling the position of nanoparticles on surfaces deposited by drop casting Wed - 16
Liu Huanlong Superconductivity in hydrated Lix(H2O)yTaS2 Wed - 20
Muntwiler Matthias The true corrugation of a h-BN «nanomesh» layer Wed - 14
Nikitin Stanislav Thermal Evolution of Dirac Magnons in the Honeycomb Ferromagnet CrBr3 Wed - 7
Perren Gerard Ultrafast structural dynamics of a strong electromagnon resonance in multiferroic hexaferrite Wed - 12
Porée Victor Ce2hf2o7 - a ‘dipole-octupole’ cerium pyrochlore Wed - 15
Rakcheev Artem Heating Times in Floquet Systems via Avoided Crossing Spectroscopy Wed - 21
Schüler Michael Ultrafast birth, rise, and collapse of a Floquet-Bloch band structure Wed - 9
Sen Aritra Seeing magnetic Weyl points in double quantum dot through gate-based dispersive measurements Wed - 4
Shen Tianyang Coherent manipulation of Er3+ electronuclear spin states towards quantum information processing Wed - 18
Sidorczak Paweł Soft Point Contact Spectroscopy Studies of PbTe/SnTe Multi-Layered System Wed - 5
Skoropata Elizabeth Pathways to form unconventional states in new oxide thin films Wed - 2
Tam David Study of multi-f electron Kondo effect and magnetic ordering in SmCoIn5 Wed - 6
Truc Benoit Ultrafast coherent control of a topological magnetic texture Wed - 10
Vasin Kirill Microscopic theory of the THz modes and their nonreciprocal directional dichroism in the antiferromagnet Fe2Mo3O8 Wed - 22
Yang Yikai Investigation of electro-nuclear spin states in LiHoF4 using Cavity-Magnon-Polariton (CMP) technique Wed - 17
Zhakina Elina Bringing nano-superconductivity to the third dimension Wed - 19