May 4, 2023
Biozentrum, University of Basel
Europe/Zurich timezone

Traditionally, HPC has focused on providing scientists easy access to computing and storage capacity to perform their research. Therefore, HPC systems were accessible from anywhere, including the Internet. In contrast, the recent trend of hackers targeting educational institutions has made securing HPC infrastructures increasingly critical. As a real-life example, we highlight the incident in which several super-computing institutions across Europe were hacked, including the University of Basel, leading to a temporary discontinuity of services. Securing HPC has proven difficult to achieve, given the infrastructure heterogeneity. Processing sensitive data and the increasing amount of data add another layer of requirements to security. 

In this forum, we want to explore specific security challenges for the HPC community and potential solutions.

Key Questions

  • What are specific challenges for securing HPC environments? 
  • What is the scope of HPC security?
  • How to design secure architecture for HPC systems?
  • Which security standards to choose?
  • How to deal with sensitive data in HPC?
  • How to manage security vulnerabilities, security alerts, monitoring and logging?
  • How to respond and recover from security intrusions?
  • What lessons can be learned after an incident?
  • How to increase security awareness for users and the administrators?


The room capacity is limited therefore we invite you to register at your earliest convenience. Online participation is also possible. Information on how to follow the livestreaming event will be provided to registered attendees.


Biozentrum, University of Basel
Seminarraum U1.191
Spitalstrasse 41 CH - 4056 Basel
  • Jani Heikkinen
  • Martin Jacquot
  • Michele De Lorenzi