Jul 1 – 4, 2014
Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen
Europe/Zurich timezone
<span style="color:#ff0000;"><strong>22 - 26 August 2016 next Powder Diffraction School in Villigen</span></strong>



The school aims to provide a general overview of modern synchrotron powder diffraction methods and their ever increasing range of applications in materials science, chemistry, physics, life sciences and engineering.

Powder diffraction data provides a wealth of information, from determining the atomic structure of ordered and disordered materials, to investigating their detailed microstructure and their structural and microstructural response to external stimuli such as temperature, pressure and external fields. Modern synchrotron techniques allow previously inaccessible in-situ experiments to be performed over a wide range of time scales.

An in-depth programme, starting with a general theoretical introduction to the various methods and applications, followed by hands-on practice with selected Synchrotron XRPD experiments and by exhaustive analysis of the data so collected, will provide the student with a solid fundamental knowledge of this highly important and flexible experimental technique.


Atomic Structure Determination
Microstructure Analysis
Time-Resolved Special and Advanced Topics

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