Aug 9 – 18, 2014
Institut Montana
Europe/Zurich timezone
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2014 PSI Summer School on Condensed Matter Research (13th edition)

Exploring time, energy and length scales in condensed matter

August 9-15, 2014 (lectures)

Institut Montana, Zug, Switzerland


The PSI summer school 2014 is dedicated to the topic: Exploring time, energy and length scales in condensed matter. International experts and PSI staff members will introduce and deepen your knowledge of these scientific topics. Additionally, you will learn about the experimental methods applied at the large-scale facilities of PSI in order to understand the phenomena, presently at the forefront of modern solid state physics and chemistry.

Synchrotron radiation, neutron, and muon sources are used to investigate the structural, electronic and magnetic properties of condensed matter. Using these facilities, the focus of the school is the study of dynamic processes in nature and technology, over the full range of time and length scales at which they actually occur. The principles of the underlying experimental methods will be explained. Evening lectures will address the importance of time, energy and length scales in other scientific fields.  Following the school a practical training at PSI is offered to a limited number of participants. The training allows a hands-on experience at the beamlines of the facilities.