Sep 21 – 25, 2014
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Quality Management in a HOTLAB – Challenges & Solutions

Sep 24, 2014, 9:00 AM
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Mr Robert Zubler (Paul Scherrer Institut)


As nuclear installation at Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) the department HOTLAB (AHL) is obligated by the Swiss regulator to serve a management system according to the IAEA Standard GS R-3. The Laboratory of Nuclear Materials (LNM) as well as the AHL have to fulfill the ISO 9001 standard as a major request from their customers site (fuel industry and Swiss power plants). As consequents AHL and LNM have set up a common quality management system (QMS) according to ISO 9001 (SN-EN-ISO-9001) and obtained their certificates in 2007. Since the starting of the QMS in the HOTLAB (first certificate 1999 with the predecessor organization) the constraints and requirements increased continuously. After a first phase of the implementation of the QMS the predecessor organization decided to develop the management system on the basis of the commercial software IQSoft of the company IQS Ltd. in Zofingen (CH). The system was implemented in 2005 in the former Microsoft Access based program, mainly using the modules document management, continuous improvement process, as well as the resource management. In 2010 it was decided, due to the development of the software, to migrate the database on a MSSQL server. With the increased demands on the regulator body the use of the database IQSoft has been intensified. In 2013, a since 1990 used maintenance program including all historic data was integrated into IQSoft. The IQS AG itself is currently developing the application further in terms of web and app functionality. With the new mobile solutions, user-friendly presentations and applications can be realized inexpensively and effectively. This increases the acceptance of the whole management system among the employees. This presentation shows the past development, the occurred challenges and found solutions as well as the envisaged further future developments. The Swiss regulator has commended the system as exemplary at their last inspection. The PSI HOTLAB QMS might become a successful example to others.

Primary author

Mr Robert Zubler (Paul Scherrer Institut)


Mr Colin Kost (IQS AG) Dr Marco Streit (Paul Scherrer Institut) Mr Michael Kiel (IQS AG)

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