Sep 21 – 25, 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone

The Development of the Shielded Secondary Electron Microscope at KAERI

Sep 24, 2014, 11:30 AM
Meeting Room

Meeting Room

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Mr Hyoung-Mun Kwon (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)


KAERI developed a shielded secondary electron microscope, which was remodeled from the Philips XL-30 model in 1998. The SEM was installed inside a glovebox, which had the shielding wall of 17 cm carbon steel and the confinement wall of hardened glass. Also, the glovebox was connected to the deep under pressure (DUP) line of a HVAC system. The shielded SEM has been applied to fractography of a spent fuel pellet, crud analysis of a PWR cladding, surface inspection of the contact area between grid spring and fuel rod, hydride morphology analysis of a cladding and so on. Currently, we have developed the quantitative analysis techniques by the WDS-SEM. As a part of the development, we remodeled a sputter coater for hotcell and made a quantitative analysis program for a WDS-SEM including the function of inspecting the beam stability. We have plan to analyze fission products like Xenon and Neodymium inside a spent fuel and dopants like Manganese and Chromium of doped UO2 by the techniques.

Primary author

Mr Hyoung-Mun Kwon (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)


Dr Dosik Kim (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) Mr Hyung-Kwon Lee (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) Mr June-Sik Ju (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) Mr Yong-Bum Chun (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)

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