Nov 17 – 19, 2015
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Europe/Zurich timezone
Thank you for participating in ISSX Workshop!

Practical training


Mesophase preparation, crystallization plate set up and evaluation
Martin Caffrey (Trinity College Dublin), Chia-Ying Huang (Trinity College Dublin), Lutz Vogeley (Trinity College Dublin), Nicole Howe (Trinity College Dublin), Laura Vera (SLS)
Diffraction data collection with a microfocused beam
Vincent Olieric (SLS), Meitian Wang (SLS), Chia-ying Huang (Trinity College Dublin)
Data processing, analysis, structure determination
Kay Diederichs (Uni Konstanz), Greta Assmann (Uni Konstanz), Wolfgang Brehm (Uni Konstanz), Rangana Warshamanage (SLS), Justyna Wojdyla (SLS)

References to critical papers

Participants are strongly encouraged to read the following bibliography:

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