Workshop on Muonic Atom Spectroscopy

Auditorium / WHGA001 (Paul Scherrer Institut)

Auditorium / WHGA001

Paul Scherrer Institut

CH-5232 Villigen
The workshop aims to bring together the physics community interested in performing high resolution muonic X-ray spectroscopy of medium and high-Z elements. While muon beam intensities and quality have been improved in recent years at PSI, still muonic X-rays have never been studied with highly efficient multi-Ge-detector arrays covering large solid angles. Such advancements open the way to the measurements of nuclear charge radii in radioactive elements and of atomic parity violation effects in muonic atoms. From the fruitful exchange between participants, the workshop aims to strengthen the physics case of these measurements and to discuss future plans and ideas.
  • Adam Vernon
  • Alexander Skawran
  • Andreas Knecht
  • Angela Papa
  • Bastian Sikora
  • Bernhard Lauss
  • Claude Charles Petitjean
  • Dai Tomono
  • Daniela Kiselev
  • Dorothea vom Bruch
  • Elisa Rapisarda
  • Ethan Cline
  • Franz Kottmann
  • Frederik Wauters
  • Geoffrey Greene
  • Giovanni Marco Pruna
  • Hanne Heylen
  • Ingo Sick
  • Klaus Blaum
  • Klaus Jungmann
  • Klaus Stefan Kirch
  • Leopold Simons
  • Magdalena Kowalska
  • Malte Hildebrandt
  • Mark Bissell
  • Maxim Pospelov
  • Narongrit Ritjoho
  • Natalia Oreshkina
  • Nathal Severijns
  • Niklas Michel
  • Niklaus Berger
  • Patrick Strasser
  • Paul Indelicato
  • Peter Kammel Kammel
  • Peter Reiter
  • Peter-R. Kettle
  • Senniappan Mohanraj
  • Simon Scheidegger
  • Ueno Yasuhiro
  • Xiaofei Yang
  • Zachary Donovan Hodge