NuFuel-MMSNF 2019 Workshop

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The first INSPYRE workshop will be the combination of the NuFuel and MMSNF workshops.  

The NuFuel workshop was initiated by CEA-DEN and JRC Karlsruhe under the auspices of the European Energy Research Alliance's Joint Program on Nuclear Materials (JPNM) in order to establish stronger and more-lasting collaborative links between European institutes, to provide a forum where dialogue between experts is fostered, and to give students and young scientists the possibility to present their work and discuss with experts in the field.

The goal of MMSNF is to stimulate research on modelling and simulations of nuclear fuels to assist the design of improved fuels and the evaluation of fuel performance. The NuFuel workshop and MMSNF are highly complementary and by combining the NuFuel and MMSNF workshops for the 2019 edition, like in 2015, we aim at promoting communication and forging strong bonds between different groups working on this subject around the world.

To highlight the global spirit, the workshop has also an international counterpart and it is chaired jointly by the Paul Scherrer Institut (Switzerland), the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (Italy), and the Idaho National Laboratory (United States).

The NuFuel-MMSNF 2019 workshop will cover:

  • Fuel Synthesis
  • Irradiation Design and Preparation
  • Post Irradiation Examination
  • Separate Effect Studies
  • Modelling from the Atomic to the Mesoscale
  • Thermodynamical Modelling
  • Fuel Performance Codes

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