FFA school

Friday, November 22, 2019
Room: WBGB/019
Start will be at 13:00
Coffee break at 15:00

 Zgoubi Introduction & FFA examples  François Méot
 OPAL Introduction  Andreas Adelmann
 FFA design in OPAL  Chris Rogers


Download instructions:


get a tar ball from https://sourceforge.net/p/zgoubi/code/1331/tarball (big file (424 MB) due to plenty of real-life exemples, download can take a couple of minutes), and unzip, untar:

unzip zgoubi-code-r1331-trunk.zip

Get in folder zgoubi-code-r1331-trunk:

cd zgoubi-code-r1331-trunk

and there, "make".

You're done! Congrats.

If you want to test, "make" creates:

  • ./zgoubi/zgoubi, the zgoubi executable
  • the graphic/analysis interface ./zpop/zpop

To run an exemple, go to the exemples folder, for instance:

cd ./exemples/FFAG/KEK150MeV/analyticalModel/matrix

and there run zgoubi: 

../../../../../zgoubi/zgoubi -in K7.25-7.58_mat_140917.res

That will yield zgoubi.res, and a transport matrix at the end of it - compare with that in K7.25-7.58_mat_140917.res

Additional material can be found on the Indico agenda: https://indico.psi.ch/event/7313/sessions/4528/attachments/15583/21605/zgoubiTutorial_FFAG2019.pdf


Source code https://github.com/ULB-Metronu/zgoubidoo

Documentation https://ulb-metronu.github.io/zgoubidoo/

OPAL - Part 1

For more background on the OPAL installation: https://gitlab.psi.ch/OPAL/src/wikis/downloads

Introduction Lecture http://amas.web.psi.ch/people/aadelmann/pub/opal-lect1-ffa19.pdf 

Inputfile   http://amas.web.psi.ch/people/aadelmann/pub/q1.in

Notebook http://amas.web.psi.ch/people/aadelmann/pub/q1.ipynb

OPAL - Part 2

See https://github.com/chrisrogers1234/ffa-school/blob/master/README