October 21, 2020
Virtual only
Europe/Zurich timezone

SCCER Heat and Electricity StorageCTI

Two project phases and seven years of research in the SCCER Heat- and Electricity Storage (SCCER HaE) have past and the SCCER HaE reaches its predestinated end. We proudly present our result on energy storage solutions, developed for the sake of grid stability and independence. All in light of the installation of large volume of electricity production capacities from fluctuating sources, wind and solar, to enable a CO2 and nuclear waste free energy future. We would like to invite you for the last time to the

SCCER Heat and Electricity Storage 
9th and Final Symposium

on October 21, 2020

We are happy to announce our key note speaker Gianni Operto, President of AEE Suisse,  member of several supervisory boards and member of our advisory board. Furthermore, we would like to introduce the “Storage Handbook”, a white book summary of the research conducted in the SCCER HaE, during the last seven years, to the public for the first time.

The symposium will cover socio-economic and systemic aspects of the integration of renewables, followed by focusing on the technical aspects of the different timescales of Heat and Electricity storage and available solutions.

Along this line, the following speakers will introduce the results, findings and developments of the SCCER Research:

·  Gianni Operto, President of AEE Suisse, 
    member of several supervisory boards and of our advisory board

·  Tobias Schmidt, ETHZ

·  David Parra, Uni Geneva

·  Christian Bauer, PSI

·  Marc Gerber, Innosuisse

·  Sigita Trabesinger, PSI

·  Anastasia Stamatiou, HSLU

·  Sophia Haussener, EPFL

·  Luca Baldini, Empa

·  Kevin Sivula, EPFL

·  Christophe Copéret, ETHZ

·  Alexandra Patru, PSI

·  Tilman Schildhauer, PSI


The conference language is English.

In contrast to the past eight symposia, this year’s event is special in many aspects. Not only it is the last one, but due to the SARS-CoV-2 spreading we are conducting this event virtual only via Zoom meeting.

The down side of this is that we had to skip the poster session and the excursion this year.

The participation is free of charge, but the registration is mandatory, You will receive the link to the Zoom meeting together with the confirmation of your registration. This also allows us to send you last minute updates for this event.

We hope you find the program attractive and would like to welcome you on October 21, 2020, on-line. Talks and videos from all the past symposia are available on-line.

Virtual only