Oct 19 – 23, 2014
Bregenz, Austria
Europe/Zurich timezone


The main topics are as follows:

  1. R&D of spallation targets for neutron source and ADS applications with an emphasis on related materials issues;

  2. Fundamental studies on the effects of radiation damage, helium, hydrogen and other transmutation elements in materials: experimental investigations and multiscale modeling;

  3. Understanding of the pitting effects in pulsed liquid metal targets: post-irradiation examinations of spent targets and modeling of cavitation erosion mechanisms ;

  4. Compatibility of structural materials with various coolants (liquid metals, water, gases): corrosion, erosion, embrittlement and related surface protection techniques;

  5. Understanding and handling of volatile transmutation elements in spallation targets;

  6. Innovative materials technology R&D for applications to extreme irradiation environments in respect to: proton / neutron fluxes, temperature, stress, corrosive coolant, etc.;

  7. Application of materials data to the design and safety study
    of components in spallation source and ADS systems.