Oct 16 – 20, 2016
Europe/Zurich timezone

Novel measurement of tau-neutrino production by DsTau at the CERN SPS

Oct 18, 2016, 6:17 PM
Poster Low energy precision tests of the Standard Model Poster Session


Dr Tomoko Ariga (University of Bern)


The tau-neutrino CC cross section has never been well measured. There has only been one measurement, by the DONuT experiment, with a systematic uncertainty larger than 50%, mainly due to uncertainties in the Ds differential production cross section in high energy proton interaction. The DsTau collaboration proposes to study tau-neutrino production and the energy distribution by analyzing Ds -> tau events in 400 GeV proton interactions. By employing state-of-the-art emulsion particle detector technologies, we will analyze 10^8 proton interactions and detect the double kink topology of Ds -> tau -> X decays. Using this new measurement, we will re-evaluate the tau-neutrino cross section with the data from DONuT and test lepton universality in neutrino CC interactions. Furthermore, it will provide useful data for future tau-neutrino experiments. In this talk, we report an overview of the experiment and the planned prototype test in 2016.

Primary authors

Dr Akitaka Ariga (University of Bern) Dr Tomoko Ariga (University of Bern)


Prof. Koichi Kodama (Aichi University of Education) Prof. Mitsuhiro Nakamura (Nagoya University) Prof. Osamu Sato (Nagoya University) Prof. Shigeki Aoki (Kobe University)

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