Sep 15 – 16, 2011
Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland
Europe/Zurich timezone

XFEL Experiments in Condensed Matter

XFEL Experiments in Condensed Matter

detailed program

organisation: B. Patterson

duration: 0.5 days

location: WSLA/008


The SwissFEL X-ray free electron laser facility will provide users with intense pulses of hard and soft X-rays. The synchronization of visible/IR/THz pump radiation with x-ray probe pulses of down to 10 fs duration will allow novel studies of ultrafast dynamics in condensed matter. Furthermore, the high transverse coherence of the SwissFEL X-rays is well-suited to diverse lensless imaging of nanostructures. Finally, through the use of 'pre-damage scattering', the high peak brightness and short pulse duration will effectively avoid the problem of radiation damage to sensitive samples.

Although the SwissFEL will not be operable before 2016, pilot experiments can now be undertaken, at synchrotron sources and at the operating soft and hard X-ray lasers FLASH and LCLS. The aim of this workshop is to assist in coordinating such pilot experiments in the fields of:

•    Ultrafast magnetization dynamics on the nanoscale
•    Catalysis and solution chemistry
•    Coherent diffraction by nanostructures
•    Ultrafast biochemistry
•    Time-resolved spectroscopy of correlated electron materials
•    'Crazy ideas'

The SwissFEL Science Case is available here.