Oct 10 – 12, 2016
Paul Scherrer Institut
Europe/Zurich timezone


Attention: The workshop will take place at PSI Education Centre and not as foreseen in the PSI Auditorium.
Detailed information: https://indico.psi.ch/internalPage.py?pageId=2&confId=4610

Experiments and theory on ultrafast dynamics in strongly correlated systems have been rapidly advancing over the last few years. The optical creation and manipulation of out-of-equilibrium states of matter have become a new, versatile tool, opening new doors to explore the potential of strongly correlated materials and posing new challenges for their theoretical description. This workshop brings together different research groups working on problems related to the dynamics of correlated electron systems. Our particular goal is to promote closer interactions and cooperation between experiment and theory in this subject area.  This meeting aims to address specific relevant topics, in particular in the areas of
  • Charge density wave dynamics 
  • Metal-insulator transitions and  Mott-Hubbard systems 
  • Ultrafast processes in magnets
  • Out-of-equilibirum superconductivity
  • Periodically driven systems
  • Phenomena involving photo-doping
  • XFEL science
The workshop includes talks by invited speakers, oral contributions and poster presentations.

Invited speakers include:
Stefano Bonetti (Stockholm University)
Michele Fabrizio (SISSA Trieste)
Claudio Giannetti (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Brescia) 
Masatoshi Imada (University of Tokyo)
Sumio Ishihara (Tohoku University) 
Alfred Leitenstorfer (Universität Konstanz)
Johan Mentink (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Dragan Mihailovic (University of Ljubljana)
Lex Kemper (North Carolina State University) 
Z. X. Shen (Stanford University)



Martin Eckstein, DESY
Steven Johnson, ETHZ
Markus Müller, PSI
Urs Staub, PSI
Philipp Werner, University of Fribourg

This workshop is jointly organized by PSI and the the National Centres of Competence in Research MUST and MARVEL from the Swiss National Sciences Foundation.