September 16, 2018 to November 9, 2018
Paul Scherrer Institut
Europe/Zurich timezone


Plenary Sessions

Monday, September 17, 2018

Welcome Christof Niedermayer
Preparation of SINQ Upgrade Uwe Filges
CAMEA C. Niedermayer, F. Herzog, F. Anselmi, D. Graf
IAEA Neutron Beam Instrumentation Projects I. Swainson

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

High Brilliance Neutron Source Project – development of hydrogen mixing cryostat Johannes Baggemann
Lessons (un)learned Iain Sutton
Closing David Anderson

Parallel Session A

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Session A1 Session A2 Session A3
Magnet simulations for polarised neutron instruments
Michel Thijs
Control system Architecture of the JCNS Neutron Instruments
Harald Kleines
Chopper control system integration at ESS
Andrés Quintanilla
Mu-PAD - 3D neutron polarimetere at LLB
Sergey Klimko
First comissioning results from the ESS instrument control architecture applied to neutron scattering
Nikolaos Tsapatsaris

Design of High-Speed Disc Chopper Test Rig
Ben Hicks

Target Development of the accelerator driven neuron source HBS
Paul-Emmanuel Doege
The IMAT Camera Positioning Robot at ISIS
Jon Elmer
Pressure Safety in Vacuum Systems
Van Graves

Parallel Session B

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Session B1 Session B2 Session B3
The FUG HCB 200 kV bipolar high voltage power supply for storage chamber in an nEDM experiment
P. Schmidt-Wellenburg
How to relocate a Neutron Beam Instrument to the other side of the Globe - Part 2, Intallation and Commissioning
Stewart Pullen
Advanced Sample Environment Design - An Example for SINQ instrument SANS-II A climate chamber with fast humidity and temperature response
Lothar Holitzner
How to find radiation hard components?
Thomas Gahl
The design of ASTOR: A cold neutron imaging instrument for the future argentine multipurpose reactor, RA-10
Aureliano Tartaglione
A high temperature furnace for in-situ SANS and diffraction measurements on steel samples
Ernst van der Wal
Power supplies - for special applications, in the change over times
Lothar Droll
Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Measurement at SNS
John Ramsey
5 tons, 5 Sv/h, 2 mm tolerance - Exchanging the Plug JMA16 at FRM II
Elbio Calzada

Parallel Session C

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Session C1 Session C2 Session C3
POWGEN T0 Baseplate Upgrade - A Lesson in Configuration Management
David Anderson
Seismic Design and Neutron Instrument Shielding at SNS
Jack Thomison
Motion Control Commissioning on the V20 Beamline at HZB
Paul Barron
Cryogenic System for the Ultra cold Neutron source (UCN source) at the FRM II, Part 1: Design, Performances and Unique Properties
Johann Schilcher
Radiation Hunting - Tools and techniques for getting your background down
Scott Olsen
An open source software package for ESS EtherCAT Motion Control Applications
Anders Sandström
Cryogenic system for the Ultra cold Neutron Source (UCN source) at the FRM II, Part 2: Main features, commissioning, opeerating, simulation and experience
Christian Bocquet
Advances in the shielding design of the cold neutron imaging instrument ASTOR
Santiago Bazzana
Radiation hard motion control components
Kristina Jurisic
Design and Performance of the Solid D2 Moderator System of the UCN Facility at PSI
Bertrand Blau
Neutron spectrometry at SINQ and development of new shielding material using Bonner Sphere Spectrometer
Masako Yamada
Online alignment survey for long components hidden under shielding
Sébastien Gautrot
Robot System of the Selene Guide in ESS-ESTIA Instrument
Peter Heimgartner
  Prototyping of an Aperture changer for the NMX Instrument at ESS
Paul Barron

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Practical example high precision positioning system Martin Herzig (Kunz precision)
Mechanics for Positioning Stephan Maag (PSI)
Motion Control at Photon Sources Claude Pradervand (PSI)
X-ray optics and mechanical vibrations Uwe Flechsig (PSI)
Knowledge Sharing Session Summary
Electronics for Positioning
Cox Stephen
Knowledge sharing session Summary
Experience from X-Ray Facilities vibration management
Iain Sutton (ESS)