11th International Workshop on X-ray Radiation Damage to Biological Samples - RD11

from Wednesday, 14 October 2020 (13:00) to Friday, 16 October 2020 (18:00)
Paul Scherrer Institut (WBGB/019)

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14 Oct 2020
15 Oct 2020
16 Oct 2020
General (until 13:20) (WBGB/019)
Session 2 - Practical Aspects of Reducing Radiation Damage at Synchrotrons (until 14:20) (WBGB/019)
13:20 DOZOR, MESH-BEST and 3D-BEST: software for data collection optimization taking into account radiation damage - Dr Alexander Popov (ESRF)   (WBGB/019)
13:50 Effects of dose control in multiple small wedge data collection - Kunio Hirata (RIKEN)   (WBGB/019)
Session 1 - Biological Studies Affected by Radiation Damage (until 17:15) (WBGB/019)
14:20 X-ray free electron lasers reveal the molecular mechanism for water oxidation in photosystem II - Michi Suga (Okayama University)   (WBGB/019)
14:50 X-ray induced radiation damaged on metal centers in proteins - Kristina Carugo   (WBGB/019)
15:40 Approaches for following X-ray induced reactions in crystallo - Dr Robin Owen (Diamond Light Source)   (WBGB/019)
16:10 Applications of Room Temperature Serial Crystallography to Metalloproteins using Silicon Fixed Targets at Synchrotron and XFEL beamlines - Dr Mike Hough (University of Essex)   (WBGB/019)
16:40 X-ray footprinting of proteins: using hydroxyl radical damage to infer structural conformation - Corie Ralston (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (WBGB/019)
15:20 --- Coffee Break ---
General - Ian Carmichael Florian Dworkowski (Paul Scherrer Institut) (until 18:00) (WBGB/019)
Session 3 - Damage at New Sources - XFEL and 4th generation synchrotrons (until 14:30) (WBGB/019)
13:00 UV-induced cleavage and geminate recombination of the disulfide bond motif followed via ultrafast X-ray absorption spectroscopy - Nils Huse (U. Hamburg)   (WBGB/019)
13:30 Structural dynamics in proteins induced by and probed with X-ray free-electron laser pulses - Alexander Gorel (Max-Planck-Insitute for Medical Research Heidelberg)   (WBGB/019)
14:00 Specific radiation damage is a lesser concern at room temperature - Dr Antoine Royant (ESRF)   (WBGB/019)
14:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Session 3 - Damage at New Sources - XFEL and 4th generation synchrotrons (until 15:50) (WBGB/019)
14:50 Radiation damage in serial synchrotron crystallography at cryo- and room temperature - Nicolas Coquelle (University Grenoble Alpes)   (WBGB/019)
15:20 Is radiation damage the limiting factor in high-resolution single particle imaging with X-ray free-electron lasers? - Carl Caleman (Uppsala University)   (WBGB/019)
15:50 --- Coffee Break ---
Session 3 - Damage at New Sources - XFEL and 4th generation synchrotrons (until 17:35) (WBGB/019)
16:10 Avoiding multiphoton artefacts in time-resolved pump probe experiments - Marie Luise Gruenbein (Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research)   (WBGB/019)
16:40 X-ray Emission Spectroscopy at X-ray Free Electron Lasers: Limits to Observation of Unperturbed Electronic Structures. - Dr Yulia Pushkar   (WBGB/019)
17:10 Correcting Non-isomorphism - Dr James M. Holton (University of California, San Francisco)   (WBGB/019)
General - Arwen Pearson (Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology, University of Leeds) Masaki Yamamoto (RIKEN/SPring-8 Center) (until 18:25) (WBGB/019)
Session 4 - Radiation Damage in Complementary Fields including Biological Imaging (until 14:30) (WBGB/019)
13:00 Dose calculations for microcrystallography, XFELs, and electron microscopy: extensions to RADDOSE-3D - Joshua Dickerson (MRC-LMB Cambridge)   (WBGB/019)
13:30 Quantitative simulation tools for predicting radiation damage driven by high-intensity x-ray pulses - Robin Santra (DESY & Universität Hamburg)   (WBGB/019)
14:00 Radiation damage in X-ray spectroscopy - Dr Pieter Glatzel (ESRF)   (WBGB/019)
Breakout Room Discussions (until 15:10) (WBGB/019)
15:40 --- Coffee Break ---
Session 4 - Radiation Damage in Complementary Fields including Biological Imaging (until 17:00) (WBGB/019)
16:00 An Objective Metric for Correcting Radiation Damage in SAXS - Mr Yunyun Gao (Universität Hamburg/ Max-Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter)   (WBGB/019)
16:30 Domain swapping in solution induced by irradiation – case study human cystatin C and other proteins - Maciej Kozak (Adam Mickiewicz University)   (WBGB/019)
General - Vincent Olieric (PSI - Paul Scherrer Institut) Martin Weik (IBS) (until 17:45) (WBGB/019)