Sep 25 – 30, 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone


Participants are invited to submit their contribution to one of the following topics or related subjects:

  • Preparation techniques for thin films, e.g., vacuum evaporation/condensation, sputtering, electrochemical deposition, powder distribution, rolling etc.
  • Separation and chemical processing of stable and radioactive isotopes
  • Preparation and characterization of high-purity and special materials
  • Development of highly material-conservative methods of preparation
  • Effects of contaminants
  • Target and sample encapsulation
  • Radiation and beam heating effects
  • Targets for radionuclide production
  • Liquid and Gas Targets
  • Availability of isotopes
  • Target and sample thicknesses from gas densities to kg/cm2
  • Isotopically enriched and radioactive targets
  • Beam charge strippers (foil, liquid, gas, plasma)
  • Targets for special applications (medical, industrial, controlled fusion)
  • High Power Targets for spallation neutron sources or meson production