Dec 6 – 9, 2022
FHNW/Paul Scherrer Institute
Europe/Zurich timezone

The international workshop on ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy is organized annually by a large facility (synchrotron/national laboratory) hosting such a technique. The workshop brings together academic staff, researchers and students to discuss the application and development of ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy in a wide variety of scientific topics including catalysis, electrochemistry, materials science, and environmental science. The workshop is also open to scientists making use of other in situ/operando techniques and working in the field of theoretical calculations. The main goals are to highlight new scientific discoveries, discuss about technical upgrades and foster the discussion among research facilities making use of in situ/operando techniques.

The workshop features talks from plenary and invited speakers as well as from contributed speakers, a poster session, and a technical discussion session. Participants have the opportunity to share and learn about the latest scientific discoveries, technical developments of APXPS instrumentation, and discuss the future directions in the field.

This year the workshop will be hosted by the Paul Scherrer Institute, at the University of Applied Sciences in Windisch, Switzerland.   

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FHNW/Paul Scherrer Institute