Efficient use of HDF5 with high data rate x-ray detectors



Current and future high data rate x-ray detectors like the Eiger detector developed at PSI  produce data at sustained rates of several 10Gbit/s and above. This two day course and workshop focuses on the use of the HDF5 file format and technology to efficiently store data at rates matching the new detectors' sustained data rates. Participants will learn in detail what the current HDF5 technology allows and which future developments are of interest in regard of high data rate detectors.

Two members of the HDF group will attend the workshop, will lead the course section which starts each day and consult during the afternoon sessions. In the afternoon the participants are encouraged to work on proof-of-concept implementations and on the workshop report.

This Workshop is restricted to selected participants from APS, DESY, Diamond, ESRF, Dectris and PSI only!

  • Beat Henrich
  • Bernd Schmitt
  • Dana Robinson
  • Derek Feichtinger
  • Elena Pourmal
  • Eugen Wintersberger
  • Heiner Billich
  • Ian Johnson
  • Markus Janousch
  • Markus Mathes
  • Miroslav Kobas
  • Nicholas Schwarz
  • Oliver Bunk
  • Rees Nicholas
  • Tobias Richter
  • Trüb Peter
  • V. Armando Solé
  • Volker Pilipp