Prizes and Awards

muSR2014 Poster Prizes

The following young scientists were awarded poster prizes for their excellent poster presentations at the conference:
  1. Ichihiro Yamauchi (KEK)
    P-143/ID-78 "Anomalous 63Cu Knight shift in thiospinel CuIr2S4".
  2. Jean-Christophe Orain (Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Orsay)
    P-103/ID-87 "µ?SR Study of a Quantum Spin Liquid Candidate : the S=1/2 Vanadium Oxyfluoride Kagome Antiferromagnet".
  3. Koji Yokoyama (Queen Mary University of London)
    P-61/ID-116 "Photo-excited μSR technique under high longitudinal B-fields".
  4. Andreas Knecht (PSI)
    P-55/ID-70 "Feasibility study for a new high-intensity muon beam line (HiMB) at PSI".
  5. Evelyn Stilp (University of Zurich/PSI)
    P-15/ID-103 "Modifi?cations of the Meissner screening profile due to illumination with visible light of underdoped YBCO".

ISMS Young Scientist Awards

The ISMS Executive Committee decided to award awards to the following young scientists for their excellent oral presentations at the conference:
Pietro Bonfá  (University of Parma)
Rik Mengyan  (Texas Tech)