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Jun 3, 2014, 8:30 AM

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Prof. Hidenori Takagi (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan)
6/3/14, 8:30 AM
Dr Pabitra Kumar Biswas (Paul Scherrer Institut)
6/3/14, 9:15 AM
Prof. Rob Kiefl (University of British Columbia)
6/3/14, 9:55 AM
Prof. Yasuhiro Miyake (KEK-IMSS, J-PARC MUSE)
6/3/14, 10:45 AM
Dr Sydney Kreitzman (TRIUMF)
6/3/14, 11:00 AM
Dr Adrian Hillier (ISIS)
6/3/14, 11:15 AM
Elvezio Morenzoni (Paul Scherrer Institut)
6/3/14, 11:30 AM
Ms Ran Xiao (Department of Modern Physics ,University of Science and Technology of China)
6/3/14, 11:45 AM
Dr Ju Hahn Lee (Institute for Basic Science)
6/3/14, 11:55 AM
Dr Wolfram Fischer (Brookhaven National Lab)
6/3/14, 12:05 PM
Prof. Stephen Blundell (University of Oxford)
6/3/14, 12:15 PM
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