The 13th International Conference on Muon Spin Rotation, Relaxation and Resonance

from Sunday, 1 June 2014 (16:00) to Friday, 6 June 2014 (15:30)

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Mon. Morning (until 12:30) ()
08:30 Opening - Elvezio Morenzoni (Paul Scherrer Institut)   ()
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Tue. Morning (until 12:25) ()
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12:15 ISMS General Assembly - Prof. Stephen Blundell (University of Oxford)   ()
Wed. Morning (until 12:35) ()
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Thu. Morning (until 12:25) ()
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Fri. Morning (until 12:05) ()
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Registration (until 20:00) ()
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Mon. Afternoon (until 18:05) ()
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Tue. Afternoon (until 18:05) ()
Excursion (until 18:10) ()
Banquet (until 21:20) ()
21:00 Keller - Prof. Hugo Keller (Physik-Instiut, Universität Zürich,)   ()
12:25 --- Lunch Break ---
Poster III (until 16:00) ()
14:00 A µSR study of the Ruthenium Perovskites ACu_3Ru_4O_12 with A=Ca, Pr, Nd. - Prof. Georg Michael Kalvius (Physik E15, Technische Universität München)   ()
14:00 Absence of Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry Beneath the Surface of Superconducting YBa_2Cu_3O_7 - Elvezio Morenzoni (Paul Scherrer Institut) Dr Hassan Saadaoui (Paul Scherrer Institut)   ()
14:00 Anomalous 63Cu Knight shift in thiospinel CuIr_2S_4 - Dr Ichihiro Yamauchi (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK))   ()
14:00 Anomalous Enhancement of Spin Relaxation Rate in Single Crystals of Volborthite Cu_3V_2O_7(OH)_2 2H_2O: a µSR Study under High Transverse Field - Dr Akihiro Koda (KEK/J-PARC)   ()
14:00 Defect-magnetism in Cerium Dioxide Nano-Particles - Andreas Suter (Paul Scherrer Institut)   ()
14:00 Dipolar-driven Magnetic Ordering in a Molecular Nanodisc System - Dr Francis Pratt (ISIS)   ()
14:00 Electron spin relaxation in organic semiconductors by muon spectroscopy - Ms Ke Wang (School of Physics and Astronomy, Queen Mary University of London, London, E1 4NS, United Kingdom)   ()
14:00 Electronic ground state of layered-perovskite vanadium oxide Sr_2VO_4 - Dr Ichihiro Yamauchi (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK))   ()
14:00 Impurity-induced effect on a spin-Peierls compound TiOBr - Dr Seiko Ohira-Kawamura (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   ()
14:00 Indications of critical dynamics in quantum spin-liquid β-Mn - Dr Adrian Hillier (ISIS) Dr Ross Stewart (ISIS, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)   ()
14:00 Intra-Unit-Cell magnetic order in pure La_2CuO_4 seen via µSR spectroscopy - Prof. Vyacheslav Storchak (Kurchatov Institute)   ()
14:00 Investigating the anomalous magnetic properties of the strongly coupled antiferromagnetic chain material CsCoO_2 - Mr Robert Williams (Durham University)   ()
14:00 Investigating unusual magnetic behaviour in double perovskites using µSR - Dr Fiona Coomer (STFC)   ()
14:00 Investigation of surface magnetism of metallic nano-particles using conventional µSR - Mr Martin Dehn (Technische Universität München)   ()
14:00 Investigation of the long range magnetic ordering in the magnetic ionic liquid Emim[FeCl_4] - Dr Daniel ANDREICA (Faculty of Physics, Babes-Bolyai University, 400084 Cluj-Napoca, Romania)   ()
14:00 Local susceptibility and spin dynamics in Yb_2Ti_2O_7: An µSR investigations - Dr Rajib Sarkar (Technical University of Dresden, Germany)   ()
14:00 Long-range versus short-range magnetic correlations and the possible absence of a spontaneous field at the muon site - Dr Pierre Dalmas de Reotier (Institut Nanosciences et Cryogénie, CEA and Université Joseph Fourier)   ()
14:00 Magnetic frustration in iridium spinel compound CuIr_2S_4 - Prof. Ryosuke Kadono (Institute of Materials Structure Science, KEK)   ()
14:00 Magnetic ground state of CeIn_2 - Dr Daniel ANDREICA (Faculty of Physics, Babes-Bolyai University, 400084 Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA)   ()
14:00 Magnetic order and Spin dynamics in CdCu_2(BO_3)_2 investigated by 11B NMR and ZF-µSR - Prof. Kwang-Yong Choi (Chung-Ang Unversity)   ()
14:00 Magnetic ordering state in inorganic chiral magnet CsCuCl_3 --- Relationship between crystallographic and magnetic chiralities --- - Dr Kazuki Ohishi (CROSS)   ()
14:00 Magnetic Transitions and Critical Performance in Cu-Guanidinium Formate - Ms Shuo Han (Queen Mary, University of London)   ()
14:00 Magnetism and Superconductivity in EuFe_2(As_(1-x)P_x )_ 2 single crystals - Henning Klauss (Paul Scherrer Institut) Til Goltz (TU Dresden, Institute of Solid State Physics, Dresden, Germany)   ()
14:00 Magnetism in HoCo_2 studied by µSR under hydrostatic pressure - Dr Jiri Prchal (Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, DCMP)   ()
14:00 Magnetism of multiferroic Eu_(1-x)Y_xMnO_3 with x=0.2 and 0.3 - Prof. Georg Michael Kalvius (Physik E15, Technische Universität Munchen)   ()
14:00 Muon spin precession in ferromagnetic DyAl_2 - Dr Ola Hartmann (Department of physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University)   ()
14:00 Muon spin relaxation in thermally active artificial spin ice - Hubertus Luetkens (Paul Scherrer Institut)   ()
14:00 Muon spin relaxation/rotation in Cu_3Mo_2O_9 single crystals - Dr Haruhiko KUROE (Dept. Phys., Sophia Univ.)   ()
14:00 Ordering in weakly coupled random singlet spin chains - Matthias Thede (Paul Scherrer Institut)   ()
14:00 Possibilities of µSR-technique for study of magnetization processes in nanocrystal films of ferromagnetic metals - Prof. Yury Belousov (MIPT)   ()
14:00 Pressure induced ferromagnetism in antiferromagnetic FeTe - Dr Markus Bendele (Physik Institut der Universitat Zurich)   ()
14:00 Probing the magnetic phases in the Ni-V alloy close to the disordered ferromagnetic quantum critical point with µSR - Prof. Almut Schroeder (Kent State University)   ()
14:00 Quantum and Classical Criticality in a Dimerized Quantum Antiferromagnet - Christian Rüegg (Paul Scherrer Institut)   ()
14:00 Quantum Magnetism in Copper(II)-Oxalato-Framework Compounds with Jahn-Teller Distortion - Prof. Bin Zhang (Bin)   ()
14:00 Search for ALCR-µSR spin polaron resonances in Cd_2Re_2O_7 and FeGa_3 - Prof. Jess H. Brewer (UBC & TRIUMF)   ()
14:00 Spin dynamics in heavy-fermion pyrochlore compound YMn_2Zn_(20-x)In_x - Dr Masanori Miyazaki (Muon Science Laboratory, Institute of Materials Structure Science, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK))   ()
Reply to referees
14:00 Spin dynamics of Cr7Ni-Cu-Cr7Ni and Cr7Ni molecular rings - Dr Samuele Sanna (University of Pavia)   ()
14:00 Spin-polaron band in the ferromagnetic heavy-fermion superconductor UGe_2 - Prof. Vyacheslav Storchak (Kurchatov Institute)   ()
14:00 Strain induced coupling between ferromagnetism and ferroelectricity in multiferroic LuMnO_3 thin films - Prof. Christof Niedermayer (Paul Scherrer Institute)   ()
14:00 Structural and magnetic characterization of self-organized nanocolumns in a Ge_(0.9)Mn_(0.1) film - Dr Alain Yaouanc (CEA and University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France) Dr Pierre Dalmas de Reotier (Institut Nanosciences et Cryogénie, CEA and Université Joseph Fourier)   ()
14:00 Suppression of long range magnetic order in the pyrochlore iridate Nd_2Ir_2O_7 by Ca-substitution - Prof. Michael Graf (Boston College)   ()
14:00 The 8Li^+ Spin Relaxation in the Ferromagnetic State of EuO - Andrew MacFarlane (Chemistry Department, University of British Columbia)   ()
14:00 Tuning the Spin Dynamics of Single Molecule Magnets via Dipolar Interactions - Dr Zaher Salman (Paul Scherrer Institut)   ()
14:00 ZF µSR investigation of the organic free radical magnet NIT-2Py - Prof. Andrea Bianchi (Université de Montréal)   ()
14:00 µ-Knight shift measurement on d-electron heavy fermion system Y_(0.95)Sc_(0.05)Mn_2 - Dr Ichihiro Yamauchi (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK))   ()
14:00 µSR investigations of YbNi_4(P_(1-x)As_x)_2 : Magnetic order and spin dynamics across a ferromagnetic quantum critical point - Dr Rajib Sarkar (Technical University of Dresden, Germany)   ()
14:00 µSR Measurements of the Magnetism of Sr_3Fe_2O_7 - Andrew MacFarlane (Chemistry Department, University of British Columbia)   ()
14:00 µSR Study of a Quantum Spin Liquid Candidate: the S=1/2 Vanadium Oxyfluoride Kagome Antiferromagnet - Mr jean-christophe orain (laboratoire de physique des solides)   ()
14:00 µSR study of organic antiferromagnet beta’-(BEDT-TTF)_2IBrCl under high pressure - Prof. Kazuhiko Satoh (Saitama University)   ()
14:00 µSR study of parimagnetism in HoCo_2 under hydrostatic pressure - Mr Jaroslav Valenta (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, Department of Condensed Matter Physics)   ()
14:00 µSR study on quantum spin system NH_4CuCl_3 - Mr Kazuki Matsui (Sophia University)   ()
14:00 β-NMR Study of a Buried Mn δ-layer in a Silicon Host - Andrew MacFarlane (Chemistry Department, University of British Columbia)   ()
Thu. Afternoon (until 18:25) ()
Conference Closing (until 12:45) ()
12:45 --- Lunch Break ---
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