April 4, 2022 to July 5, 2024
Europe/Zurich timezone

Financial support

The APAL training program does not cover any expenses incurred concerning the training visit (neither meals, salaries, travel costs, accommodation, insurances, visa fees, nor other costs). If the trainee is an employee at any of the sending institutions, members of the APAL consortium, then the costs can be covered by the sending institution, according to the budget estimated in the Description of the Action (Section 3.4 Resources to be committed) and Annex II of the Grant Agreement ). If the trainee is an employee at an external institution different to the APAL’s partners, she/he has to cover all the costs related to the training visit.


Are you interested to participate in the training program? 


Please check the ENEN+ project


The ENEN+ is a mobility fund of more than 1.000.000 EUR for European students researchers and learners.


The mobility grants are intended for those, who would like to improve their knowledge, skills and competitiveness for career opportunities in the following nuclear fields:

  • Nuclear engineering and safety
  • Waste management and geological disposal
  • Radiation protection
  • Medical applications

In particular, the following groups of learners are eligible to receive mobility grants:


  • BSc. students interested in pursuing a master education and/or a career in the nuclear fields.
  • MSc. students in nuclear interested in extracurricular experience and/or academic exchange such as EMSNE.
  • PhD. students and Post-docs in nuclear interested in academic and research exchange, access to research infrastructures and cooperation with EURATOM research projects.
  • Professionals, interested in changing their careers to nuclear and/or building up their life-long learning on nuclear topics.