April 4, 2022 to July 5, 2024
Europe/Zurich timezone

Responsibilities of the host institution

Who can be a host?

All APAL partners are possible host and home institutions within the training visit program. However, at every call of the training program the list of eligible institutions will be updated to include those institutions that express their consent to participate.

Responsibilities of the host institution 

  • Present to the TCC a training visit proposal for the current call following the proposal template for short course or module
  • Prepare a training plan for the training period
  • Facilitate the processing of the documents of the trainee in coordination with the TCC.
  • Provides training and activities to trainees in accordance with the training plan.
  • Assign a contact person for the program. Contact list
  • Assign a competent training supervisor responsible for the implementation of all phases of the training plan
  • Conduct a post-training review and evaluation of the training visit
  • Provide safe and healthful working/training environment 
  • Provide a workplace for the trainee as well as the necessary infrastructure and scientific support for the realization of the training visit
  • If an entry visa is required for the training visit, provide formal invitation letters to facilitate the visa application process in a timely manner.

Financial responsibilities

The host institutions shall cover the costs for the trainer during the training visit, taking into consideration the estimated budget according to the Description of the Action (section 3.4 Resources to be committed) and Annex II of the Grant Agreement. Host institutions shall organise the training visits, but will not cover any costs incurred for the trainees. 


The host institution is responsible for emitting the corresponding certificate of attendance to the participants. You can find a template of the certificate