Proton Driver Efficiency Workshop

WHGA/001 (PSI)



Mike Seidel (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Workshop on the energy efficiency of proton driver accelerators High power proton drivers are needed to generate secondary particles at high intensities, such as neutrons, muons or neutrinos. The applications of these facilities have a broad spectrum in the fields of particle physics and condensed matter physics. On the other hand, the production of megawatt-class proton beams implies the consumption of large amounts of electrical energy. This aspect is seen more and more critical in the public society and in funding agencies. New projects and operating facilities must focus on improving the energy efficiency with a higher priority. With this workshop we are aiming to supporting such developments towards higher efficiency. The anticipated needs of secondary particle flux for experimental applications will be reviewed, as well as intrinsic efficiency aspects of different accelerator concepts, suited for high power beam production. The main goal of this workshop is to consider the whole power conversion chain from grid to the secondary radiation needed at the experiments. In addition, we will look at important auxiliary systems of proton drivers, such as cryogenic facilities. A short summary report will be prepared with recommendations on efficient technologies and future R&D on this aspect of high intensity proton driver accelerators. The workshop will be supported by the EUCARD-2 program, particularly the work package EnEfficient.
  • Angelina Parfenova
  • Anton Lundmark
  • Barbara Ajmo
  • Brian Chase
  • Carlos Martins
  • Chris Densham
  • Chris Lingwood
  • Daniela Kiselev
  • David McGinnis
  • David Reinhard
  • Davide Reggiani
  • Dirk Vandeplassche
  • Eric Montesinos
  • Felix Berg
  • Francois Meot
  • Frank Gerigk
  • Franz Gallmeier
  • Frederique Pellemoine
  • Giulia Bellodi
  • Jean-Pierre Revol
  • Jens Stadlmann
  • Joachim Grillenberger
  • Jonny Ranner
  • Jérome Mandrillon
  • Klaus Kirch
  • Luciano Calabretta
  • Malte Hildebrandt
  • Marco Schippers
  • Marcos Gaspar
  • Mark Keelan
  • MAry Bishai
  • Masahito YOSHII
  • Michael Wohlmuther
  • Mike Seidel
  • Naritoshi Kawamura
  • Nicolas Hild
  • Philipp Arnold
  • Piero Valente
  • Prajwal Mohan Murthy
  • Rihua Zeng
  • Satoshi Mihara
  • Shinji Machida
  • Vasyl MASLOV
  • Vyacheslav Yakovlev
  • Yuichi MORITA