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3.-8. July 2016

Welcome to VUVX2016, the 39th International conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet and X-ray Physics which is organzied by Paul Scherrer Instituts (PSI) and will be held in Zurich in Switzerland. The conference venue will be the main building of the ETH Zurich, conveniently located in the city center.
More than 360 scientists participated in the VUVX2016. See report by Liz Moxon on Lightsources.

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About the VUVX2016

This international conference will bring together scientists from all over the world, working in fields involving electromagnetic radiation in the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV), soft X-ray and hard X-ray spectral regions generated by synchrotron, laser, or plasma based sources. Topics to be covered range from instrumentation and methods development to applications in a variety of fields.


  1. New Sources: diffraction limited storage rings, Free Electron Lasers, ultrashort pulse XUV lasers and X-ray tabletop sources
  2. Resonant elastic and inelastic X-ray Scattering
  3. X-ray absorption spectroscopy incl. linear, circular and magnetic dichroism spectroscopy
  4. Photoemission (angle/spin/time resolved, soft X-ray, hard X-ray, resonant, etc.)
  5. Imaging with nanoscale resolution: X-ray microscopy, coherent diffraction imaging, scanning small angle X-ray scattering etc.
  6. Coincidence spectroscopy
  7. Theory of X-ray spectroscopy and diffraction
  8. Advanced data analysis methods
  9. Time-resolved spectroscopy
  10. In-situ and operando applications
Applications of the above to:
  1. atoms
  2. molecules
  3. ions
  4. liquids
  5. surfaces/interfaces
  6. nanostructures
  7. clusters and nanoparticles
  8. catalysts
  9. environmentally relevant problems
  10. novel and complex materials
  11. strongly correlated and magnetic materials
  12. biological systems
  13. industrial analytical problems

Important dates

5. February 2016 Abstract submission; registration/accommodation pages open
8. April 2016 Abstract submission deadline


22. April 2016 nominations for VUVX conference award
22. April 2016 nominations for VUVX Student award
10. May 2016 Notification to submitters
3. June 2016 Early bird registration deadline
17. June 2016 Online registration closes
3.7. – 8.7.2016   VUVX 2016 Conference!

conference reception and registration  3. July 2016, 4 pm
conference registration                     4. July 2016, 7 am


Secretary: Charlotte Heer
Co-chairs: Thorsten Schmitt and Frithjof Nolting
email: vuvx2016@psi.ch


VUVX2016 is the third conference following a merger of two long standing conference series – the International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics (last meeting was the 15th in that series, VUV-15 in Berlin, Germany in July 2007) and the International Conference on X-ray and Inner-shell Processes (last meeting was the 21st in that series, X-08 held in Paris in June 2008). 

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