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VUVX International Science Committee
Regular VUVX ISC Members:                   
                Fred Bijkerk                  The Netherlands            
                Majed Chergui               Switzerland       
                Reinhard Doerner           Germany           
                DongLai Feng                China   
                Alexei  Grum-Grzhimailo   Russian Federation       
                Moritz Hoesch               United Kingdom             
                Satoshi Kera                 Japan   
                Maya Kiskinova              Italy      
                Michael Meyer               Germany           
                Catalin Miron                 France  (Honorary secretary of ISC)
                Frithjof Nolting               Switzerland       
                Maria-Novella Piancastelli Sweden              
                David Prendergast          USA      
                Jan-Erik Rubensson         Sweden              
                Naurang L. Saini             Italy      
                D.D. Sarma                    India     
                Shik Shin                       Japan   
                Albert Stolow                 Canada
                Amina Taleb-Ibrahimi       France  (chair of ISC)
                Simone Techert              Germany           
                Cássia Curan Turci          Brazil    
                Mark Vrakking                Germany
                Han Woong Yeom           Korea   
Honorary Members:                    
                Jean-Pierre Briand          France 
                Keith Codling                 United Kingdom             
                Takehiko Ishii                Japan   
                Ulrik Gelius                    Sweden
                Christof Kunz                 Germany           
                Frank P. Larkins              Australia             
                T. Sasaki                       Japan   
                David A. Shirley              USA      
                Bernd Sonntag               Germany           
                T. Darrah Thomas           USA      
                John B. West                 United Kingdom
                Francois Wuilleumier        France

Co-chairs of VUVX 2016
Thorsten Schmitt (PSI) and Frithjof Nolting (PSI)

Local committee
Jeroen van Bokhoven (PSI/ETHZ)
Oliver Bunk (PSI)
Pietro Gambardella (ETHZ)
Frederic Merkt (ETHZ)
Juerg Osterwalder (Uni Zurich)
Urs Staub (PSI)
Vladimir Strokov (PSI)
Benjamin Watts (PSI)
Charlotte Heer (PSI)
Sonia Reber (PSI)
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