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Short Abstracts

The short abstracts of the talks (plenary, invited and contributing) can be downloaded here.


Plenary speakers

Plenary talks of 45 min (35 min talk + 10 min questions/discussion)
Name Institution Country Title
Charalambidis, Dimitris FORTH-IESL Greece The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project
Devereaux, Thomas Stanford University USA On the developments for a complete theory of RIXS in strongly correlated systems
Marcelli, Augusto INFN-Frascati Italy History, memory and legacy of Wu Ziyu
Pfeifer, Thomas MPI Heidelberg Germany Atomic, molecular, and nuclear quantum dynamics in (strong) visible, VUV and x-ray fields

Invited speakers

Invited talks of 30 min (25 min talk + 5 min questions/discussion)
Name  Institution Country Title
Ade, Harald W. NCSU USA Characterization of Polymeric Materials with Soft X-rays
Andersen, Jesper MaxLab iV Sweden MAX IV as example of the potential of diffraction limited storage rings
Arenholz, Elke ALS/LBNL USA Nanophases in Complex Oxides
Bisogni, Valentina Brookhaven National Lab, NSLS II USA Revealing the electronic ground state of ReNiO3 combining high-resolution Ni-L3 X-ray absorption and resonant inelastic X-ray scattering
Bozzini, Benedetto University of Salerno, Italy Italy In situ soft X-ray microspectroelectrochemical studies of zinc-air battery materials
CLAESSEN, Ralph University of Wuerzburg Germany Soft and hard x-ray photoemission of buried oxide interfaces
Eikema, Kjeld University of Amsterdam Netherlands High-accuracy deep-ultraviolet Ramsey-comb spectroscopy of krypton and molecular hydrogen
Gelmukhanov, Faris KTH, Stockholm Sweden Recoil and Rotational Doppler effects in Molecular Photoionization
Gerrit van der Laan Diamond/University of Oxford UK Time-resolved x-ray detected-ferromagnetic resonance
Guizar-Sicairos, Manuel  Paul Scherrer Institut/Swiss Light Source Switzerland Nanoscale tomography using coherent X-ray lensless imaging
Harada, Yoshihisa ISSP, University of Tokyo Japan X-ray Vibrational and Electronic Spectroscopy of Liquid Water and Solutions with RIX
Huang, Di-Jing NSRRC Taiwan Taiwan,  High-Resolution Soft X-ray Inelastic Scattering and Coherent Diffraction Imaging
Iablonskyi, Denys Tohoku University, Japan Japan Coherent control experiments at the FERMI FEL
Janssens, Koen University of Antwerp Belgium X-ray based in-situ and ex-situ studies of chemical degradation phenomena in cultural heritage artefacts
Lablanquie, Pascal UPMC, LCPMR, Paris, France France Multielectron coincidence spectroscopy
LIU, Xiaojing BeiHang University, Soleil China/France Revisiting the ultrafast dissociation of the O2 molecule
Masciovecchio, Claudio Elettra/Fermi Italy Frontier research at FERMI
Moretti Sala, Marco ESRF France New perspectives in inelastic x-ray scattering – UPBL6@ID20
Nahon, Laurent SOLEIL synchrotron France Photoelectron Circular Dichroism (PECD) on chiral systems: a fine probe of photoionization dynamics and molecular structures
Puettner, Ralph Free University Berlin Germany Electron spectroscopy of isolated atoms and molecules by using hard X-ray photons
Vilesov, Andrey University of Southern California USA/LCLS X-ray coherent diffractive imaging of quantum vortices in superfluid helium droplets
Werner, Philipp University of Fribourg Switzerland Nonthermal symmetry-broken states and nonequilibrium criticality in correlated lattice models
Winter, Bernd Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin Germany Relaxation Processes in Core-Level Ionized Aqueous Solution: Entanglement of Electronic and Nuclear Dynamics
Wohlfeld, Krzysztof University of Warsaw Polen Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering: theory, experiments, and its impact on the understanding of correlated matter
Zhou, Xingjiang  Chinese Academy of Sciences China Laser ARPES on High Temperature Superconductors

Contributed talks

Contributed oral presentations of 20 min (15 min talk + 5 min questions/discussions).

Poster session

Poster sessions are on Monday and Tuesday, but the poster can/should be on display during the whole conference. (Format A0, portrait oriented)