2nd ICFA Workshop on Machine Learning for Charged Particle Accelerators

OSGA/EG06 (Villigen PSI)


Villigen PSI

East Area

    We are pleased to announce the second ICFA Workshop on Machine Learning (ML)


The goal of this workshop series is to build a world-wide community of researchers interested in applying machine learning techniques to paritcle accelerators. Machine Learning for acccelerator science will include both accelerator physicists and computer scientists. This workshop has the following goals:

  • collect and unify the community's understanding of the relevant state-of-the-art ML techniques
  • provide simple tutorials covering machine learning for accelerator physicists and engineers
  • seed collaborations between laboratories, academia and industry
Given the early state of machine learning at accelerator facilities, we will place a heavy emphasis on discussions, collaboration planning and poster sessions, with only a few general presentations.

Venue and Accommodation