Oct 9 – 13, 2022
FHNW Campus Brugg-Windisch
Europe/Zurich timezone

New Digital LLRF System for CNAO Linear Accelerator

Oct 12, 2022, 2:35 PM
Lichthof (Building 1)


Building 1

Poster Low Level RF Workshop 2022 Poster Session


Mr Borut Baricevic (Instrumentation Technologies d.o.o.)


CNAO is one of the six hadrontherapy centers able to treat cancer with proton beams and carbon ions. It is a synchrotron with a diameter of 77 meters, equipped with a LINAC as the injector. The stability of the RF in the LINAC being fundamental for the quality of the beam injected into the ring impelled CNAO to decide to upgrade the actual analogic LINAC LLRF to a digital one.
This proceeding describes the CNAO Linear Accelerator LLRF upgrade, and the Libera LLRF system modifications and extensions necessary to fulfill the CNAO requirements. The newly introduced features include: the ability of the LLRF system to process a dual-trigger source, the extension to additional interlock inputs, and the introduction of trigger output signals of configurable timing. It furthermore describes the upgrade of the CNAO LLRF with specific drive-power limitation functions, integrated within a non-linear high-power amplifier response calibration and the commissioning results of the CNAO Linear Accelerator Digital LLRF system.

Primary authors

Mr Borut Baricevic (Instrumentation Technologies d.o.o.) Mr Borut Repic (Instrumentation Technologies) Ms Cristiana Priano (CNAO Foundation) Mr Damijan Skvarc (Instrumentation Technologies) Mr Enrico Vacchieri (CNAO Foundation) Mr Giovanni Debernardi (CNAO Foundation) Mr Luciano Falbo (CNAO Foundation) Mr Luka Bogataj (Instrumentation Technologies) Mr Luka Rahne (Instrumentation Technologies) Mr Manuel Cargnelutti (Instrumentation Technologies) Mr Marko Sajn (Instrumentation Technologies) Mr Matej Oblak (Instrumentation Technologies) Mr Matjaz Skabar (Instrumentation Technologies) Mr Paolo Meliga (CNAO Foundation) Mr Peter Paglovec (Instrumentation Technologies) Mr Robert Cerne (Instrumentation Technologies) Mr Sebastjan Zorzut (Instrumentation Technologies) Mr Simone Garlaschelli (CNAO Foundation) Mr Stefano Foglio (CNAO Foundation)

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