Oct 9 – 13, 2022
FHNW Campus Brugg-Windisch
Europe/Zurich timezone

LCLS-II LLRF System Checkout Lessons Learned

Oct 12, 2022, 2:46 PM
Lichthof (Building 1)


Building 1

Poster Low Level RF Workshop 2022 Poster Session


Andy Benwell (SLAC)


The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has completed the installation and checkout of hardware for the SRF based accelerator LCLS-II, an ultra-bright Free Electron Laser. The LCLS-II is composed of 296 SRF cavities, each with its own LLRF control system. During production, care was taken to preserve the low noise design performance needed for controlling the 5x107 QL SRF cavities. A novel continuous checkout process was run for months before and after SRF commissioning began. Production hardware has also been sent to collaboration SRF facilities for performance evaluation, firmware/software development, and cryomodule testing. So, how did it go? This work will discuss practical aspects of LLRF system installation, checkout, and integration. Test methods, results, statistics, and lessons learned will be presented.

Primary authors

Alessandro Ratti Andre McCollough (SLAC) Andy Benwell (SLAC) B. Chase (Fermilab) Carlos Serrano (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Curt Hovater (Jefferson Laboratory) Ed Cullerton Gang Huang (LBNL) Jing Chen (SLAC) Jorge A Diaz-Cruz (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) Joshua Einstein-Curtis (RadiaSoft) Lawrence Doolittle (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Mark Petree (SLAC) Ramakrishna Bachimanchi (Jefferson Laboratory) Richard Kelly (SLAC) Shree Murthy (LBNL) Sonya Hoobler (SLAC)

Presentation materials